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“Through this Movement, I am calling all my children to consecrate themselves to my Heart, and to spread everywhere cenacles of prayer.” (473 i: May 13, 1992)

About the Membership Commitments for Priests, Bishops and Deacons

1. Consecration to her Immaculate Heart.

“… to belong to the Movement nothing external nor any juridicial act is necessary; what is indispensable, however, is an interior consecration of their whole selves and the total offering of their priesthood to my Immaculate Heart. Tell them that this is all I ask of them

Tell them to entrust themselves to me like children, giving everything to me and renouncing all attachment to anything … that is not my very self. I want their heart, the heart of my priests… then I will be able to be a true Mother for them and they will be true sons to me! I will take possession of their life; gently, gently, I will transform it and set it on fire with zeal… ” (9 g-k: July 29, 1973)

“This, my beloved priests, is what it means to be consecrated to me: it means to live for me; it means to perceive things as I do, to love and to suffer with me in preparation for the great moments that are awaiting you.” (21 v: Oct. 16, 1973)

In a priest who has consecrated himself to my Immaculate Heart, it is I who live, work, suffer, pray and act. (61 a: Nov 19, 1974).

“I want to love with your heart, to gaze with your eyes, to console and encourage with your lips, to assist with your hands, to walk with your feet, to follow your bloodied footprints and to suffer with your crucified body.” (227 r: July 1, 1981)

My beloved priests, give me all your nothingness; give me your whole selves! Oh do not look to yourselves any longer. I want even your miseries, your defects and your failures! Give me everything with great love, and I will transform it all in the burning furnace of the most pure love of my Immaculate Heart. I myself will transform you into most faithful replicas of my Son Jesus. It is Jesus whom I want to make live again in the priests who are consecrated to me, these priests of my Movement. It is Jesus living in these priests of mine who will again save my Church at the very moment when it will seem to be sinking. (49 i-l: June 8, 1974)

I will give you a new way of seeing things: you will see with my own eyes … I will also give you a new way of feeling: you will feel according to my Heart. Thus your capacity to love and to suffer will be- come extraordinarily more powerful, because you will feel, my son, as the Heart of your Mother feels! … I will also give you a new way of thinking: you will think according to the Heart of Jesus and my motherly Heart, seeing everything in God and as God sees, according to the Spirit of Wisdom … the priests of my Movement must all be like this.” (22 e-l: Oct 20, 1973)

“Let them live solely and always looking to me, remaining with me, loving with me, praying through me. From the way they allow themselves to be possessed by me, they will be recognised as priests of my Movement.” (35 h: Jan 23, 1974)

2. Unity with the Pope, and with the Church united to him

That which causes the heart of the Pope to suffer is the solitude and the dereliction in which he has been left. My Son’s deepest and greatest suffering during the hours of his agony was the betrayal by Judas and the desertion of his dearest friends when He had, humanly speaking, most need of them. At the present time the Pope suffers from the betrayal and the desertion of many. Even some of his closest collaborators often disobey him and thwart him. Many priests, whom he loves so much, oppose him; many of my sons, victims of Satan, deride and condemn him. How many, who even call themselves Christians and Catholics, daily criticise, oppose and judge him. Truly for my Church this is the hour of the power of darkness.” (23 g-i: Oct 30, 1973)

“…my voice will repeat to you gently only that which the Pope and the Church united to him will proclaim. Faithful to my voice and that of the Pope, you will be the cohort prepared by me to defend his person, to disseminate his unheeded teachings, to comfort him in his abandonment and his solitude.” (67 l-m: Jan 4, 1975)

This is what I want the priests of my Movement to be in the Church: they must be friends, consolers and defenders of the Pope.

Friends, because they will fill his solitude with much love and prayer. They will always stand by him even at that time when he will be greatly abandoned; they will carry the cross with him even when, as did my Son, he will have to climb the road of Calvary. Near the Pope on the cross and with me, the Mother, I want to find his dearest friends: the priests of my Movement.

Comforters, because they will alleviate his abandonment and his suffering and will not be afraid to share, as he does, the same fate that today awaits those whom I have prepared for the ultimate sacrifice for the salvation of the world.

Defenders, because they will always be faithful to him and will combat all those who challenge and calumniate him.

At Fatima I foretold of these moments which would come upon the Holy Father, but I also promised him my special assistance and my protection. I will defend him and assist him through you, my priests. You must be my cohort, ready to fight for the Church and the Pope. Thus you will remain faithful to the Gospel, and through you I will gain my great victory. (23 l-s: Oct 30, 1973)

3. Lead the faithful to consecrate themselves to Our Lady, and also spreading the cenacles of prayer among them

Mary acts through those consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. Our Lady promises that her victory is imminent, and it will be won by those who have consecrated themselves to her. This consecration to Our Lady leads to a specific goal: the perfect glorification of the Most Holy Trinity through living and praying in her Immaculate Heart.

“O my priests, allow yourselves to be truly possessed by me, so that I can again act through you and return to the midst of all my children!” (38 i: Feb 11, 1974)

“…these priests must now begin to act; through them I want to return to the midst of my faithful, because it is with them, gathered about my priests, that I want to form my invincible cohort.” (25 g: Nov 1, 1973)

“Now is the time when my call must be answered by all priests who want to remain faithful. Each one must consecrate himself to my Immaculate Heart, and through you priests many of my children will make this consecrationThis is like a vaccine which, like a good Mother, I give you to preserve you from the epidemic of atheism, which is contaminating so many of my children and leading them to the death of the spirit.” (99 l-n: May 13, 1976)

Her priests must not only speak about Mary to the faithful – they must live Mary, so as to be an example to others of their consecration to her by their way of living and acting.

“But it is necessary for me that these priests become ever increasingly mine: in silence, in prayer, in humility, in equanimity. How beautiful it is when they speak of me, but it is even more pleasing to my Heart when they live me. I want to live again in them so as to be once again as Mother in the midst of my children. Let them be docile, humble, and kind toward all, especially toward those who are furthest away, who are lost, who are despairing.” (27 e-f: Nov 27, 1973)

Her priests must be a “light in the darkness” for all her children.

This is the task of my priests: to be this light in the great darkness which will be spread over the whole earth, because through them and in them I will be present in the midst of my children, during the great purification, in order to save them in the decisive hours. By means of my priests, I will obtain the victory, and there will soon be a new world, entirely renewed by the beauty of my Son and illumined by his light…” (22 o-p: Oct 20, 1973)

It will be through these priests, humble, laughed at and trampled on, that I will form the cohort that will make it possible for me to bring to Jesus an innumerable number of children, now purified by the great tribulation. (10 m: Aug 1, 1973)

One of the precious means we have to help us live and grow in her Immaculate Heart is the cenacle. How important, then, for her priest sons to gather all the faithful in cenacles of prayer.

“… Bring the greatest number possible of priests, religious and faithful to make this consecration willed by me and repeatedly requested…Multiply your cenacles of prayer. Pray more; pray with me; pray, with the recitation of the holy rosary. I desire that Christian families consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart and become cenacles of love and of life with me. Let the priests of my Movement gather the faithful entrusted to them in cenacles of prayer because…I have need of a great force of intercession and of reparation to bring to fulfilment the plan which the Most Holy Trinity has entrusted to my Immaculate Heart.” (37 l-f: Jan 1, 1988)

About Membership Commitments for Religious and the Laity

1. Consecration to my Immaculate Heart

“… they (must) consecrate themselves in a special way to my Immaculate Heart, without being concerned for external or juridical bonds, but only for giving themselves completely to me, so that I may dispose freely of their whole being and arrange their whole life according to my plans.

They must let themselves be led by me, like little children. They must begin again to pray more, to love Jesus more, to adore Him more in the mystery of the Eucharist, so that He becomes the sun which illuminates their whole life. What joy and what a gift of love will Jesus in the Eucharist communicate to these faithful who are consecrated to me! … Let them recite the holy rosary every day so as to hasten my great return.” (25 i-k: Nov 1, 1973)

“This is then the hour to have recourse to the great remedy that the Father offers you to resist the seductions of the Evil One and to oppose the real apostasy which is spreading more and more among my poor children: Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart.

To everyone who consecrates himself to me, I again promise salvation: safety from error in this world and eternal salvation. You will obtain this through my special motherly intervention. Thus I will prevent you from falling into the enticements of Satan. You will be protected and defended by me personally; you will be consoled and strengthened by me.” (99 i-k: May 13, 1976)

2. Loyalty to the Pope

Our Lady says that in these painful moments for the Church, the Pope finds himself alone, like her Son Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, to live through his hours of agony and dereliction… moments of profound anguish. (cf 23 b: Oct 30, 1973)

“They … must be faithful to the Pope and to the Church united to him, by a total obedience to his commands, anticipating and seconding his desires, spreading his teachings, defending him from every attack, ready to fight even to the shedding of their blood in order to remain united to him and faithful to the Gospel. There will soon come a time when only those who are with the Pope will succeed in keeping the faith of my Son and being preserved from the great apostasy that will be spread everywhere.” (25 l-m: Nov 1, 1973)

3. Obedience to God’s Commandments

“They must observe the commandments of God and carry out everything that my Son Jesus has taught so that they may be his true disciples. Thus they will be a good example to all. Let them be just that, especially by an austere manner of life, by repudiating styles which are ever increasingly provocative and indecent, by opposing in every way possible the spread of immoral literature and entertainment and this continual flooding from a sea of filth that is submerging everything. Let them be a good example to all by their purity, their sobriety and their modesty… These faithful children of mine will be called by me and formed for this great task: to prepare this world for the great purification which awaits it, so that at last a new world may be born, completely renewed by the light and the love of my Son Jesus, who will reign over all.(25 n-r: Nov 1, 1973)