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“Through this Movement, I am calling all my children to consecrate themselves to my Heart, and to spread everywhere cenacles of prayer.”(473 i: May 13, 1992)

Other Resources

1.The MMP Word and Phrase Concordance is a listing of over 7,600 of the most important words and phrases that can be found in Our Lady’s book. The words and phrases are listed alphabetically along with references to all the places in the book where they appear, listed by chapter and paragraph letter.

2. A full Interview with Fr Gobbi about the MMP , available here as a PDF. The Interview took place in Rubbio, Italy, in 1999.

5. A video of Fr Andrew Grace speaking on his Path to the Priesthood is available here in four parts.  It was given at a Medjugorje Conference at Concord West on 8 December 2007: (Part 1); (Part 2); (Part 3); (Part 4).

6. A series of TALKS BY FR MICHAEL GAUGHRAN, a priest who has previously led the MMP Oceania Retreats and who was one of the leaders in the MMP internationally until his death in 2008, are available below in PDF format:

7. A series of TALKS BY FR FRANCIS GEREMIA, another of the leaders in the MMP internationally and the priest who led the MMP Oceania retreats in 2015 and 2017, are available in PDF format below:

8. The Fatima Prayers are available here as a PDF in two parts: (Part 1) ; (Part 2)

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