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“Through this Movement, I am calling all my children to consecrate themselves to my Heart, and to spread everywhere cenacles of prayer.” (473 i: May 13, 1992)

Our Lady wants to save all her children

Our Lady says that all men redeemed by her Son are … her children … in the fullest sense of the word. Even those who are far away, even the sinners, even the atheists, even those who reject God, those who fight against Him and those who hate Him…

“… they are all my children. And I am Mother to them. For many of them, I am the only Mother they have, the only person who is taking care of them, who truly loves them … I want to help them; save them because I am their Mother… But how to help them? How to save them?

I have need of much prayer; I have need of much suffering. Only through the prayer and the suffering of my other good and generous children, will I be able to save these children of mine.

And so there is … the Movement of my priests … (which) is desired by me to make reparation for the immense harm caused in souls by atheism, to restore in so many desecrated hearts the image of God, the merciful countenance of my Son Jesus.” (21 d-j: Oct 16, 1973)

“The crucial times have come, and there is no longer any time for certain vain and superfluous things. There is no more time for useless discussions; there is no more time for chatter and projects: this is the time for prayer! 

Priests of my Movement, offer yourselves to me so that I myself, in you and with you, may always pray and intercede with my Son for the salvation of the world. I have need of you and of your prayer to realise the great plan of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.” (29 r-s: Dec 19, 1973)

Specifically, she asks us to form Cenacles of Prayer with her.

What is a Cenacle of Prayer?

‘Cenacle’ is a word for an ‘upper room’. It is also the term commonly used for the room in which Jesus had His Last Supper, and in which Jesus’ apostles gathered together in prayer with his Mother, in preparation for the descent of the Holy Spirit (the original Pentecost).

Two thousand years later, through the MMP, Our Lady is insistently calling on all priests, religious and the faithful to gather together with her in fervent prayer and fraternal love – in authentic cenacles just like those that took place when the first apostles gathered together with her in the Upper Room in Jerusalem – to await a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit (the second Pentecost).

Now, as never before, I have need of a great force of supplication and reparation. For this reason, I am turning to you, my little children ...” (301 n: Dec 31, 1984)

The Holy Spirit

Why does Our Lady want us to form Cenacles with Her?

Our Lady wants us to come together in cenacles with Her:

  • To remain with me, so that I myself can nourish and form them and cause them to grow in perfect consecration to me, so that they may truly be my priests alone, and in them and through them, I may once again manifest myself.
  • Above all to pray with me: when my priests pray, united with each other and with me, how efficacious is their prayer! For it is then that I myself accomplish in them my maternal task of interceding before God for all my children. To be united among themselves and with me in the celebration of Holy Mass, in the recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours, and in praying the holy rosary: this is my prayer! The rosary is the weapon that I give to these children of mine to fight the great approaching battles which await them.
  • To love each other and to live in true brotherhood in the company of their Mother. It is necessary today that my priests know each other, that they help each other, that they truly love one another, that they be as brothers brought together by their Mother … I do not want them to be alone: they must help each other, love each other, they must all feel as — and really be — brothers.
  • To await the decisive moments which are drawing ever closer…

Let your gatherings be true cenacles of life with me, of prayer, of brotherhood, and of waiting…” (34 g-s: Jan 17, 1974)

Our Lady asks everyone to enter into the Cenacle of Her Immaculate Heart

Our Lady wants us all to enter, by means of our consecration, into the cenacle of her Immaculate Heart, where she will nourish, form, and help us to grow in perfect consecration to her.

“Today the whole world must be brought to the fullness of the truth, to the Gospel of Jesus, to the one Church willed and founded by Christ, and this is achieved by the Holy Spirit.

The Church must be opened to his divine fire in such a way that, completely purified, it will be ready to receive the splendour of his new Pentecost, in preparation for the second, glorious coming of my Son Jesus.

“Today I invite you all to enter into the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart in the expectation of receiving in fullness the Spirit of Love which is given to you as a gift by the Father and the Son.” (226 h-j: June 7, 1981)

And again …

“Just as in the Cenacle of Jerusalem the Apostles, reunited with me in prayer, prepared for the moment of the first Pentecost, so also, in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart – and consequently in the cenacles where you are gathered in prayer – you apostles of these last times can, with your heavenly Mother, obtain a new effusion of the Holy Spirit.” (284 p: Jan 28, 1984)

The whole Church needs to enter

To draw down upon us this gift of the Holy Spirit, however, everyone must enter into a cenacle with her:

The whole Church must now enter into the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart: all the bishops, the priests, the religious and the faithful must enter. In the Cenacle of Jerusalem, upon the Apostles gathered in prayer with me, there descended the Holy Spirit, and there took place the miracle of the first Pentecost.

… only in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, when the whole Church will have entered in, will the great prodigy of the second Pentecost take place. It will be a divine fire of purification and of sanctification which will renew all the face of the earth.

My times have come…  I am asking that the whole Church gather together in prayer with me, Mother of Intercession and of Reparation. I want that all who belong to my Movement increase in the personal commitment of their consecration, because in you my Immaculate Heart must be more and more glorified. For this I am asking you to multiply everywhere your cenacles of prayer and of brotherly sharing and to lead the greatest number possible of my children to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.” (355 c-d: June 7, 1987)

By multiplying our cenacles of prayer ... we will form a great net of Love that will envelop, and Save, the World

Multiply your cenacles of prayer. Multiply your rosaries, recited well and in union with me. Offer me also your suffering and your penance.

I ask you for prayer and penance for the conversion of sinners, that even my most rebellious and most distant children may return to God, who awaits them with the merciful eagerness of a Father.

And then, together we will form a great net of love that will envelop and save the whole world. Thus my motherly and supreme intervention can be extended everywhere, for the salvation of all who have gone astray.” (192 o-t: Jan 22, 1980)