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The Marian Movement of Priests

“Through this Movement, I am calling all my children to consecrate themselves to my Heart, and to spread everywhere cenacles of prayer.” (473 i: May 13, 1992)

Our Lady needs our Prayer and Suffering in order to save all of Her Children

Our Lady says that all men redeemed by her Son are … her children … in the fullest sense of the word. Even those who are far away, even the sinners, even the atheists, even those who reject God, those who fight against Him and those who hate Him…

“… they are all my children. And I am Mother to them. For many of them, I am the only Mother they have, the only person who is taking care of them, who truly loves them … I want to save them because I am their Mother… But how to help them? How to save them?

I have need of much prayer; I have need of much suffering. Only through the prayer and the suffering of my other good and generous children, will I be able to save these children of mine.

And so there is … the Movement of my priests (which) … is desired by me to make reparation for the immense harm caused in souls by atheism, to restore in so many desecrated hearts the image of God, the merciful countenance of my Son Jesus.” (21c-j: Oct 16, 1973)

To win her battle with evil, and save her children, Our Lady wants us to focus on just one weapon: prayer.

Forget everything else, and form the habit of using nothing but this weapon. The crucial times have come, and there is no longer any time for certain vain and superfluous things. There is no more time for useless discussions; there is no more time for chatter and projects: this is the time for prayer!

Priests of my Movement, offer yourselves to me so that I myself, in you and with you, may always pray and intercede with my Son for the salvation of the world. I have need of you and of your prayer to realise the great plan of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.” (29 q-t: Dec 19, 1973)

Specifically, she asks us to form Cenacles of Prayer with her.